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Karofi KAD-R35 Hot and Cold Water Purifier

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • 11 Powerfull Smax Filters: Double Efficiency, Double Lifetime
  • RO 100 GPD Purifim Membrane, Made in the USA, Quick Replacement
  • Smax Pro V Filters: x3 Contact Area, x2 Filtering Efficiency
  • Block Cooling Technology with Smax Chilled Tank: 6-10°C, 70% Faster Cooling, and Up to 40% Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Rapid Heating Technology: 85-95°C Karofi KAD-R35: Super-Fast Deep Cooling - Super-Energy Efficient

Specifications of the Karofi KAD-R35  hot and cold water purifier

Product name

Karofi KAD-R35  hot and cold water purifier








320 x 400 x 990 mm



Number of filtration stages

11 stages

Function filter set

Mineral, Bioceramic, Far Infrared, Tourmaline, T33-GAC, Nano Silver Plus, T33-GAC 

Filtration capacity

20 l/h



Heating power


Colding power


Hot tank capacity


Cold tank capacity

2 L

Pressure tank

5 L

Pure water recovery rate


Faucet numbers


With KAD-R35, enjoying a warm cup of tea, a bowl of hot noodles, or a refreshing cold drink in the summer becomes simpler and easier than ever. No need to wait for boiling or fuss with ice, it's available whenever you need it:


Hot water up to 95°C: for making tea, coffee, cooking noodles, etc.

Deep and refreshing cold water for hot summer days

Pure water with added minerals


Smax Chilled Tank: Up to 70% Faster Cooling - Up to 40% Energy Savings

KAD-R35 is equipped with the cutting-edge Smax Chilled Tank, a brand-new cooling technology leading the market today. The Smax Chilled Tank, combined with the Block cooling technology, increases cooling speed by up to 70%, providing deep and long-lasting cold water for your thirst in the summer. With Smax Chilled Tank, users can save up to 40% of electricity, dispelling concerns about high electricity bills on hot days.


Furthermore, thanks to the materials meeting QCVN12 safety standards, the device has a longer lifetime while ensuring absolute safety for users' health.


Block Technology: Deep Cooling at Your Command - Instant Satisfaction

Block Technology maximizes the temperature of cold water, meeting the demand for refreshing cold drinks on scorching summer days.


Save an extra 30% of energy thanks to integrated multi-layer heat protection technology

Enjoy the convenience and health benefits without worrying about rising electricity bills. KAD-R35 is equipped with multi-layer heat protection technology, helping save an additional 30% of electricity.


Safety First - Peace of Mind with Anti-Dry Heating Tank System

When the hot tank is out of water, the machine will not operate, preventing the risk of overheat and damage. This is the superior effect of the anti-dry heating tank system integrated into KAD-R35, ensuring complete peace of mind for users.

11 Powerful Smax Filters:  Double the Capacity and Lifetime

With a powerful 11 Smax filters, KAD-R35 is a rare water purifier with 11 robust Smax filtering cores, doubling its capacity and lifetime

Unique Smax cluster for the first time in KAD-R35: Triples the contact area with water, increases filtering efficiency by 1.5 times, removes maximum tiny impurities, odor-causing substances, and dirt as small as 1 micrometer, significantly increasing the lifetime of the machine and ensuring water quality.

RO membrane, USA standard: Removes up to 99.99% of impurities, and dirt, delivering pure water.

High-performance Smax Filters: Regenerates pure water and adds minerals.

Additional T33-GAC filter for a sweet water taste and maintaining water's delicious flavor.

Scientific and Easy-to-Replace Structure, Sleek and Compact Design

KAD-R35 has an internally designed scientific structure, allowing users to easily replace filters. Along with that, it features a sleek and compact design with a modern style that fits well in various home spaces.

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