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Hot and Cold Water Purifier Karofi KAD-L56

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Exclusive Products
  • 3 separate function Hot, Cold, RO water
  • 30% Energy Savings with multi-layer heat protection technology
  • Super fast Block cooling technology
  • Smax cold tank technology
  • Powerful 10-filter  system
  • 3 Pre-filter Smax Pro 1,2,3
  • SMAX RO Purifim USA Membrane
  • Combo 6 functional-filter Smax high performance 
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Heating/Cooling capacity: 430W/90W
Hot water temperature 85 - 95 °C
Cold water temperature 6 – 10 °C
Hot/Cold tank capacity 1 L
Membrane RO 100 GPD Purifim USA
Filter Capacity 20 L/h
Tank 5 L
Electromagnetic valve Yes
Pump Radian
Filtration System 10 stages
Functional filter Combo Smax high performance 6in1: T33-GAC; Mineral; Bioceramic; Farinfrared; Tourmaline; Nano Silver
Pre-Filters Smax Pro 1; Smax Pro 2; Smax Pro 3;
Pure water recovery rate Up to 60%
Size 320 x 400 x 990 mm
Weight 32,5 Kg
QCVN6-1:2010/BYT Yes
TCVN 11978:2017 Yes
Origin Vietnam

Rated as a product line with many outstanding advantages and convenient features for users, the Hot and Cold Water Purifier Karofi KAD-L56 is currently more popular than ever among Vietnamese consumers. The product is being distributed by Karofi and is available for purchase directly through their hotline at +84.837.748.966 for quick and easy ordering and support.

1. Technical specifications for the Karofi KAD-L56 hot and cold water filter

Product name

Karofi KAD-L56 hot and cold water filter








320 x 400 x 990 mm

Number of filtration 

10 stages

Filtration capacity

20 l/h

Solenoid valve



220V – 50Hz

Heating power


Hot water temperature

85°C - 95°C

Cold water temperature

6°C - 10°C

Cold water tank capacity

1 liter

Hot water tank capacity

1 liter



2. Revealing the outstanding features of the Karofi KAD-L56 hot and cold water dispenser

The Karofi KAD-L56 hot and cold water dispenser has won the hearts of Vietnamese consumers thanks to its outstanding advantages

2.1 Design with 2 faucets and 3 temperature modes - hot, cold, and ambient convenience

Design with 2 faucets and 3 temperature modes

The KAD-L56 is a hot and cold water purifier designed by the Karofi Corporation with 2 water faucets and 3 temperature modes - hot, cold, and ambient - allowing family members to comfortably choose the appropriate type of water for each use.

Hot water with a temperature range from 85°C - 95°C is suitable for making noodles, coffee, tea, milk tea, etc. during food preparation or cooking for daily meals. Additionally, you can also use this hot water in combination with cold water to create a warm cup of water to drink every morning, which helps the body prevent cardiovascular diseases and promote blood circulation.

With cold water temperatures ranging from 6°C - 10°C, you can use it to drink on hot weather days, this water source will help cool your body quickly without the need for a long waiting time for cooling.

Ambient water, also known as pure water, with moderate temperature is suitable for use in any situation and daily needs such as cooking and drinking.

Not only does the KAD-L56 have 3 convenient water modes, but it also has 2 separate water faucets for users to easily distinguish, especially in families with seniors and young children. With just a few simple steps, children can also get the type of water they want by relying on the symbols on the machine.

Furthermore, thanks to the 2 water faucets, the product is also durable and has a longer lifespan. Moreover, the use of mechanical buttons also helps the KAD-L56 be less prone to malfunction.

2.2 Compact and trendy design

Compact and trendy design

The Karofi KAD-L56 water purifier is a standing cabinet with dimensions of 320 x 400 x 990mm. It is extremely compact and suitable for various spaces and architectures. With this size, you can install it in any position, from apartments with limited space to areas such as offices, schools, hospitals, etc. The KAD-L56 ensures elegance, high aesthetics, and durable operation.

2.3 Modern technology brings excellent experience to users

Modern technology brings excellent experience to users

KAD-L56 is a leading smart and modern water purifier on the market today, which will help families save up to 30% of electricity consumption compared to other conventional water purifiers.

The Block technology with excellent cooling ability allows you to enjoy cold water at any time you want, especially on hot sunny days, you can quench your thirst immediately instead of waiting or wasting time making ice.

In addition, the product also has a very intelligent anti-dry tank system. When the hot water tank runs out of water, the machine's heating relay will automatically cut off to prevent fire and explosion, ensuring safety for everyone. Therefore, you can completely use it with peace of mind in case your family has elderly or young children.

2.4 The filtered water meets QCVN 6-1:2010 MOH bottled water standard

Thanks to the application of high-quality filtration technology, the water source after filtration from the Karofi KAD-L56 machine meets a pure water standard equivalent to bottled water according to QCVN 6-1:2010 MOH. Therefore, all members of the family can drink it directly without boiling but still ensure a source of essential minerals for the body.

The powerful 10-stages filtration system

The KAD-L56 water dispenser is equipped with 10 Smax super powerful filtration, ensuring double the filtration capacity, safe, fast, and more efficient operation.

The powerful 10-stages filtration system

Firstly, the Smax Pro filter with 3 pre-filters 1,2,3 ensures high filtration capacity, helps to eliminate unpleasant odors in water, and removes organic deposits and impurities with ultra-small sizes of about 1 micrometer:

Smax Pro pre-filter 1:

With a multi-layer paper stacking structure, it increases the contact surface area by 3 times and increases the filtration efficiency by 1.5 times, allowing it to filter impurities up to 5 microns in size.

Smax Pro pre-filter 2:

It has a special structure with 2 layers, including a compressed activated carbon filter, wrapped in PP fibers, which doubles the filtration efficiency. Unlike ordinary filtration filter that only have activated carbon, this filter also has a breakthrough and superior PP fibers.

Smax Pro pre-filter 3: This is a multi-layer paper stacking core, with 1.5 times higher ability to remove impurities, helping to filter and remove impurities with a size of 1 micron.

The next component is the Smax RO 100 GPD filter, which originates from the United States and is responsible for removing most solid particles, heavy metal ions, bacteria, and other impurities to produce purer water.

Finally, the Smax Nano filter consists of 6 functional filters to ensure safe, clean, and mineral-rich water.
The Mineral filter supplements water with essential minerals and helps neutralize excess acid, while the Tourmaline filter produces beneficial negative ions that activate water for easier absorption by the body.
The Bioceramic filter is a unique filter that not all water filtration systems have, and it stabilizes water pH while adding vital trace minerals like zinc, copper, iron, iodine, chromium, and manganese to the water.
For example, chromium helps prevent and improve osteoporosis, lowers cholesterol, and manganese strengthens bones and joints. Additionally, the Bioceramic core ensures that water tastes sweet and has a stable pH level for the user's health.

The Far Infrared filter emits infrared rays that activate water and promote easy absorption into the body's cells.
The GAC-T33 filteris responsible for stabilizing natural sweetness in water, and the Nano Silver Plus core prevents water from being reinfected by bacteria after filtration. Overall, the Karofi KAD-L56 water filtration system is an excellent investment for those who want safe, clean, and mineral-rich water for their daily consumption.

If you're looking to purchase a genuine and affordable Hot & Cold Water Purifier Karofi KAD-L56, please contact Whatsapp: +84.837.748.966 or visit the website for detailed advice and support. https://karofiglobal.com/en

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