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Product Features

Product Specifications

  • 3 modes of selections hot - cold - ambient pure water
  • Block cooling technology for deep cold water
  • Doubles Cold Tank Capacity to 2L, Hot Tank 1L
  • There is a dedicated valve for water in the case out of power
  • 10 Filters system with Karofi’s exclusive technology - Smax, Especially - 3 Stages pre-filter with Smax Pro technology.
  • AioTec technology intelligently, monitors water cleanliness remotely
  • Exquisite design, impressive overflowing glass cabinet
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Hot Power 430W
Cold Power 90 W
Hot Temperature 85 - 95 degree Celcius
Cold Temperature 8 – 10 degree Celcius
Hot tank capacity 1 L
Cold tank capacity 2 L
RO Membrane Quick-chaging 100 GPD RO Membrane - Made in US
Filtration Capacity 20 L/h
RO Tank 5 L
Auto shut-off valve Solenoid valve
Pump Radian 100 GPD
Filter System 10 stages
Functional Filters Mineral, T33-GAC, ORP Alkaline, Tourmaline, Hydrogen Plus, Nano Silver Plus
Pure water recovery rate 50-60%
Pre-filter system SMAX PRO 1, SMAX PRO 2, SMAX PRO 3
Dimension 320 x 400 x 1027 mm
Weight 33 kg
TDS Showing Yes
Filter replacement alert Yes
Weak supply alert Yes
QCVN6-1:2010/BYT Yes
TCVN 11978:2017 Yes
Origin Vietnam

Included in the list of innovative products launched by Karofi brand, the leading brand in Vietnam, the hot and cold water purifier KAD-N69 is sure to captivate homemaker devotees with its improved features, operational efficiency, and advanced water purification technology design.

hot and cold water purifier KAD-N69

Let's explore the features of the Karofi KAD-N69 water purifier with Karofi to see what makes users so crazy about it!

1. Specifications of the Karofi KAD-N69 hot and cold water purifier

Product name

Hot and Cold water purifier KAD-N69








320 x 400 x 1027 (mm)



Number of filtration stages

10 stages

Filtration capacity

20 l/h



Heating power


Colding power


Hot water temperature

85 - 95°C

Cold water temperature

8 - 10°C

Hot tank capacity

1 L

Cold tank capacity

2 L

Pure water recovery rate


TDS Showing


Filter replacement alert


Weak supply alert


2. Features of the hot and cold water purifier KAD-N69

2.1 Three convenient hot-cold-ambient water modes 

The hot and cold water purifier Karofi KAD-N69 is equipped with 2 water faucets with 3 separate water modes (Hot -Cool - Cold) , which can be connected and used simultaneously with the household water source, helping you save money on buying clean water and boiling water every month.

The pure water from the Karofi KAD-N69 water purifier can be consumed directly, serving daily needs and cooking purposes.

3 convenient hot-cold-ambient water modes 

Hot water at high temperatures is suitable for making tea, milk, and coffee or for use in food preparation.

The cold water at a moderate temperature is perfect for cooling off on hot summer days, saving waiting time from other cooling devices. 

The Karofi KAD-N69 water purifier with the built-in tank system is always in automatic mode, providing water in all modes to meet user needs without any waiting, anytime and anywhere

2.2 Management with Aiotec

The most important part of this hot and cold water filter machine is the filtration core with the Aiotec system, which directly determines the quality of the output water source.

The Aiotec system automatically count the lifespan of components, including the remaining time of the filtration core, and alert users when the core is clogged or needs replacement, providing results to the phone application. Therefore, during the operation of the filter machine, users can monitor the status of the filtration core and ensure the quality of the water when in use.

Management with Aiotec

Another special feature of the Aiotec technology in the Karofi KAD-N69 water filter machine is that you can still use water even when there is a power outage. When the water overflows onto the surface, the touch screen will automatically signal and the system will also automatically lock the water to protect the device and surrounding objects.

Thanks to the Aiotec technology, you can fully enjoy the benefits of purchasing from the manufacturer, such as authenticating genuine products, activating warranties, and checking expiration dates, and warranty policies without having to go to the store.

2.3 Smart hot water tank drought prevention system

When the hot water tank runs dry, the water filter machine's heating relay will immediately turn off to ensure the safety of users, prevent fires, and avoid dangerous situations during use. It keeps the equipment and surrounding objects safe.

This is considered a plus point that helps users feel at ease when using, especially families with children, the elderly, or situations where there is not always a man available at home to handle incidents promptly.

2.4 Luxury and trendy design

Modern design styles tend to favor subdued color tones to exude elegance with a touch of warmth. The Karofi KAD-N69 water purifier boasts a contemporary design with a predominantly black color scheme, a borderless glass cabinet, and blue patterns for embellishment to enhance the beauty of living spaces. The device is not just a water purifier but also a decorative element to adorn living spaces.

3. Powerfull 10 filters system

Powerfull 10 filters system

3.1 Three pre-filter using the Smax Pro technology

As technology becomes more popular and serves human life more efficiently, the Karofi KAD-N69 water purifier is not left out of this trend. The integration of Smax filter helps the water purifier double its filtering capacity, and operate more efficiently, safely, and accurately.

Smax Pro pre-filter #1: The structure of pre-filter #1 is designed with 3 layers of multi-point fiber membrane and a smaller filter slot size of less than 5 pp microns, increasing the contact area by 3 times, thereby also improving water filtering efficiency. Ensuring that the water source is filtered quickly and effectively, removing all dirt and impurities.

Smax Pro pre-filter #2: Next is the pre-filter with a special 2-layer structure and a smaller filter slot size that cannot be filtered by the first pre-filter. It is combined with activated carbon to effectively treat odors and colorants in the water.

Smax Pro pre-filter #3: Finally, the pre-filter with a 5-layer fiber membrane and a filter slot size of less than 1 micron increases the filtering efficiency and provides absolute protection for the RO membrane.

The Karofi KAD-N69 water purifier utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce filter cores made of the latest and most advanced materials, superior to a specially designed structure that increases the contact area, improves filtering efficiency, and prolongs the life of the filter. Moreover, the filter's capacity has been optimized so that 1 liter of pure water is produced for every 0.6 liters of wastewater, helping to conserve water in the household.

3.2 High-efficiency Compact 6 filters

This product features a quick-changing 100 GPD RO membrane, which is made in the US. In addition to filtering out impurities, Compact 6 filters also add essential minerals and electrolytes to the water, helping to increase pH levels and neutralize excess acidity. 

The T33-GAC filter enhances the taste of the water, making it sweeter and more enjoyable to drink. 

The ORP Alkaline filter reduces the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) of the water, which can help to combat the aging process. 

The tourmaline filter adds beneficial negative ions to the water, and also breaks down the water molecules, making them easier for the body to absorb and helping to quickly replenish hydration levels. 

The Hydrogen Plus filter doubles the amount of hydrogen in the water, which can help to prevent aging and improve digestive health. 

The Nano Silver Plus filter helps to prevent bacterial contamination and promote long-lasting freshness.

If you're looking to purchase a genuine and affordable Karofi Hot & Cold Water Purifier KAD-N69, please contact Whatsapp: +84837748966 or visit the website for detailed advice and support: https://karofiglobal.com/en

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