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Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Zitek 4.0 Cooling Technology: Save up to 40% of total cooling electricity with the cooling block and water heat exchanger.
  • 11 Smax Technology Filters: x2 performance, x2 lifestime.
  • 50 GPD RO Membrane, Made in the USA: Quick replacement for efficient production.
  • Smax Pro V Pre-Filter System: x3 contact area, x2 filtration efficiency.
  • HP 6.0 Functional Filter System: Additional Mineral Plus filter: x2 mineral
  • Filtered water meets the Pure Drinking Water Standard bottled QCVN 6-1:2010/MOH.
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Hot/Cold water power 430W/90W
Hot/Cold water temperature: 85 - 95 °C / 6 - 10 °C
RO membarne Purifim Quick-changing 100 GPD made in US
Filtration capacity 10L/h
Filter System 11 exclusive Smax filters: Smax Pro V filters set, RO membrane, additional Mineral Plus Filter, and HP 6.0 functional filter system


Cooling Technology: Zitek 4.0 combines Block cooling technology, a water heat dissipation system, and a Smax plastic cold tank
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Hot water power: 430W
Cold water power: 90W
Hot water temperature: 85 - 95 °C
Cold water temperature:: 6 - 10 °C
Hot water tank capacity: 1L
Cold water tank capacity 1L
RO membarne Purifim Quick-changing 100 GPD made in US
Filtration capacity 10L/h
Tank pressure 5L
Filter System 11 exclusive Smax filters: Smax Pro V filters set, RO membrane, additional Mineral Plus Filter, and HP 6.0 functional filter system
Functional Filters Additional Hydrogen Plus Filter, High-performance HP 6.0 Smax Filter: Mineral (Stone); Bioceramic; Far infrared; Tourmaline; T33-GAC; Nano Silver Plus
Pure Water Recovery Rate Up to 60% (Under standard laboratory conditions, using standard measuring equipment/components)
Number of Faucets 2
Pre-Filters 3 Pre-Filter:  Smax Pro V  1, Smax Pro V 2, Smax Pro V 3
(Note: Some machine components can be changed according to reality while still ensuring product quality) *
Dimensions 320 x 400 x 990 (mm)
Weight 32,5 kg
Coulour Black
Shell Material Steel
QCVN6-1:2010/WHO Yes
QCVN 4:2009/BKHCN and amendment 1:2016 QCVN 4:2009/BKHCN Yes
Origin  Vietnam

Hot Quickly, Cold Deep - Doubles Efficiency, Doubles Minerals

Elevate your living experience, healthier and more convenient, with the Karofi KAD-X58 hot and cold water purifier: Rapid hot water, enduringly cold water, and abundantly pure water with minerals...


3 Water Modes - Satisfying Every Need

3 water modes - Hot, Cold, Chilled always ready, fully meeting the needs of every family member, from brewing tea, making milk, brewing coffee, making noodles, cooking, crafting, to refreshing.


Zitek 4.0 Cooling Technology

KAD-X58 is equipped with the state-of-the-art Zitek cooling technology, making it cool quickly - 1.5 times deeper, providing perfectly chilled water, quenching thirst instantly without waiting. Moreover, despite its super-fast cooling, KAD-X58 still saves up to 40% of the electricity used for cooling, allowing you and your family to enjoy without worrying about a high electricity bill at the end of the month.


King of Filters - 11 Smax Generation New Technology Filters: Doubles Efficiency - Doubles Lifetime

The KAD-X58 hot and cold water purifier owns a system of 11 new-generation Smax technology filters that double efficiency, double lifetime, and double minerals.

  • The set of 3 Smax Pro V Pre-Filters with smart connect technology against counterfeits, an intelligent fan-shaped core structure increases the contact area with water by 3 times, enhancing filtration efficiency and lifetime by up to 12 months.
  • The 50 GPD RO membrane, made in the USA, has a filtration capacity of up to 10 liters/hour, with a pure water recovery rate reaching 40%.
  • Additional more 1 Mineral Plus filter, doubling minerals.
  • Premium HP 6.0 functional filter Set, integrally cast to prevent leakage, anti-bacterial, and supplemented with minerals, good for health.

Filtered Water Meets Pure Drinking Water Standard QCVN 6-1:2010 MOH

The water after filtration meets the Pure Drinking Water Standard bottled QCVN 6-1:2010 MOH, recognized by the Institute of Occupational Health & Environment - Ministry of Health. Announcement link: here.

Modern Design - Stylish Frameless Glass Cabinet

The KAD-X58 features a modern design with a stylish frameless glass cabinet, contributing to elevating the living space of every home

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