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Karofi Innovative RO Water Purifier KAQ-U65

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • 10 Smax Technology Filters: Double the efficiency, double the lifetime
  • Quick-changing RO 50 GPD Membrane made in the USA:
  • Smax Pro V Coarse Filter System:
  • Triple the contact area, double the filtering efficiency, and double the lifetime
  • HP 6.0 Functional Filter Set: Abundant in mineral content.
  • Scientific Structure, Space-Saving, Exceptional Durability


Karofi U65 - the latest product developed by Karofi Vietnam's highly skilled R&D team, renowned as the leading manufacturer of premium water purifiers in Vietnam. Our latest product is the result of years of research and development, culminating in a revolutionary home RO water purification system that delivers superior quality and performance.

  • Compact and convenient design

The Karofi U65 is a standout product, featuring an array of exceptional advantages that set it apart from other water purifiers. Firstly, its compact design makes it suitable for any space within your home. U65’s dimension is only 280 x 198 x 393 mm, a little bigger than an A4 paper. Its dimension can be compared to some quick-change or countertop water purifiers in terms of compactness. For consumers, this advantage helps to save space, especially for homeowners with small houses. For wholesale, this feature helps to optimize the logistics and warehouse costs, making it more competitive in the market.

Additionally, the U65 boasts a convenient 6-block-filter design that allows for easy installation and replacement with only two connections. With only two connections, people just unplug and plug in whenever they need to do replacement, even women with just a little knowledge about quick-fitting can do it easily at home. Moreover, minimizing the number of connections also helps to prevent leakage – a serious problem for every water purifier system.

  • Modern Plastic Cover

Furthermore, the Karofi U65 is housed in a luxury plastic case that adds a sophisticated and high-class aesthetic to your home. Our advanced design offers superior protection for the 10-level filter system housed within, ensuring that your water remains pure and safe for years to come.

The plastic case also makes the machine look more compact and unique, protecting it from insects and harmful agents. 

  • Powerful capacity

It is also equipped with a powerful 10-stage filter element optimized with Smax filter technology, which is exclusive to Karofi. This feature enables the U65 to filter up to 100 gallons per day with ten filtration stages, providing hydrogen water that is highly beneficial to your body.

HP 6-core filter helps to add many nutrients and minerals to filtered water at the output: calcium, magnesium,... In addition, it is also equipped with a hydrogen filter to help activate water, bringing many benefits. such as preventing aging, strengthening the immune system, …

Choose the Karofi U65 for the ultimate water purification technology, delivering superior performance, style, and ease of use that exceeds your expectations. A breakthrough that is set to transform the way we experience safe and healthy drinking water at home. 

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