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KAROFI KAQ-U95 water purifier

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • 10 high-performance SMAX filters
  • Smart Aiotec technology for remote control
  • Anti-Aging Hydrogen Supplement
  • Convenient compact design
  • National standard for direct drinking water QCVN 6-1:20210/BYT
  • 3 year warranty
  • Note: Some components of the machine may be changed according to the actual situation and still ensure the quality of the product.

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier is the first product model to apply Aiotec technology, which allows users to actively control the quality of water through their phones. Karofi water filter with its 10-stage filter system has been improved with Smax technology, providing a powerful operation that supplies up to 20L/H.

In particular, the filter system of the Karofi KAQ-U95 water filter helps to activate the water, supplement necessary minerals to support immunity, anti-aging, and protect the body's healthy development.

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier

Let's explore this product line of Karofi water filter through the following article.

1. Specifications of the Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier

Product name

Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier




  • Displays water cleanliness level
  • Automatic filter replacement notification
  • Low water supply warning

Quality standards

QCVN6-1:2010/BYT and TCVN 11978:2017


RO 100 GPD membrane from USA

Filtration capacity

20 L/H

Filtration system

10 filters (3 pre-filter, RO membrane, 6 function filters)

Function filters

T33-GAC; Far Infrared; Mineral; Tourmaline; Hydrogen; NanoSilver

Pure water recovery rate



9,7 kg

Dimensions (RxSxC)

304x209x436 (mm)



2. The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier leads the Aiotec technology

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier is one of the first smart water purifier products from Karofi with a very compact design. The intelligent water filter machine is connected to customer’s phone through the Karofi 360 app, which is connected to the WiFi system. With just a smartphone, you can check the status of the water purifier from anywhere.

The important parts of the Karofi KAQ-U95 smart water purifier system will be integrated with a smart circuit on the purifier to automatically count the lifespan of the components. The results will then be returned through the app on your phone.

In addition to checking the status of the filter, customers can also determine the purity of the water source through the PI index with different levels. If the light turns green, it means the water source is safe, while a yellow light indicates that the water source does not meet the standard. Especially if the light turns red, you need to check the status of the filter and the quality of the water.

Moreover, all operating statuses of the water source will be notified on the app for users to conveniently monitor and intervene when necessary.

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier leads the Aiotec technology

With this special technology, end users will enjoy the after-sales benefits of the brand, including automatically activating the warranty, referring to warranty policies, and easily authenticating genuine products.

It can be said that this is a very impressive new step that marks convenience and provides a platform for the development of IoT technology. And the Karofi KAQ-U95 smart water purifier will be one of the first products to apply this technology. The device combines modern wireless technology, microelectronics, and the Internet to bring many exciting experiences for users.

3. The Karofi KAQ-U95 water filter features a 10-stage super system with compact design

In the Karofi smart water purifier , the smart system is the most important component that determines the quality of the water source. Therefore, Karofi always focuses on investing in innovative & intelligent filtration systems based on the needs and desires of each individual. 

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water filter product ensures that the water source meets quality standards while providing essential minerals to support and protect the health of users by its compact design. Specifically, the Karofi KAQ-U95 water filter cartridge includes 3 PRE-FILTERS, an RO membrane, and 6 FUNCTIONAL FILTERS.

  • Filter no 1: Smax DUO 1 microfilter: using DUO Pro dual protection technology, the multi-point fiber filter structure is smaller than 5 microns to maximize contact with water, filter quickly, and reduce the risk of clogging the filter. This filter removes impurities and dirt from 2-4 microns in size.
  • Filter no 2: Smax DUO 3 Post Carbon filter: using shaped coconut shell activated carbon material. This filter can remove unpleasant odors in water such as odors, chlorine odors and other harmful components.
  • Filter no 3: Smax DUO 3 multi-point microfilter: using Polypropylene material combined with an injection molding process to create a series of microfiber chains with a size of just over 1 micron. Therefore, this ingredient helps to remove impurities of microscopic size, preventing the growth of bacteria, and the filtered water is completely colorless and odorless.
  • Filter no 4: RO membrane 100GPD Purifim: application of the most advanced SMAX technology designed from TFC fibers with pore spacing from 0.1-0.5 nanometers, allowing only newly filtered water molecules to pass through. As a result, the filtration capacity will be doubled, helping to reduce the amount of wastewater by a ratio of 7:3 (10 liters of input water will produce 7 liters of pure water and 3 liters of wastewater).
  • Filter no 5: Mineral filter: Water after being filtered and deodorized will pass through a mineral filter. This water erodes the particles in the filter. Then it carries minerals as well as electrolytes that provide essential supplies for the human body.
  • Filter no 6: T33-GAC filter is made from shaped coconut shell activated carbon. The filter has overlapping grooves to create a high absorption rate to help remove maximum organic matter, completely disinfect the water source and thoroughly filter the color and odor of the water source.
  • Filter no 7: The Far Infrared filter is mainly composed of ceramic balls that absorb heat from the outside and emit evenly distributed infrared wavelengths that break down water molecules into very small sizes. The far infrared core creates small gaps in water to absorb oxygen from the outside into the body, providing blood and nourishment to cells deep inside.
  • Filter no 8: The Tourmaline filter is made entirely of two rare materials: tourmaline and bioceramic. Tourmaline is a commonly used stone in feng shui and is widely used in healing. Bioceramic particles absorb heat from the outside, creating many good negative ions that help balance the body and minimize many dangerous diseases.
  • Filter no 9: The Hydrogen filter enhances positive ions, magnesium, and hydrogen, raising the pH balance to a good level for health from 7.5 - 8.5.
  • Filter no 10: The Nano Silver filter is made up of two layers. The inner layer is activated carbon and is surrounded by the outer layer of nano silver particles. Silver particles are broken down into several nanometer-sized silver molecules. When water passes through the final filtration core, it completely removes harmful bacteria and viruses such as E. coli and bacterial spores, preventing them from returning and functioning normally.

The functional 6-block filters are assembled into a set of six solid cast cores to make it easy and simple for users to install and replace, also this 6-block filters make the smart water purifier machine being more compact design. By now, most people have imagined the excellent quality of water that the product brings. To help customers have a clearer view, Karofi will compare the difference between water filtered from the Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier and boiled water as following: 


Water filtered from the Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier

Boiled water that has cooled  down

Concentration of impurities

Helps to remove all impurities, contaminants, harmful chemicals, and heavy metals that can be harmful to human health.

Boiling water only kills microorganisms but cannot remove other harmful chemicals.

Water quality

The output water source is guaranteed to meet drinking water standards at the tap and is supplemented with good minerals for users.

Cooled boiled water is a premise to create a favorable environment for bacteria to grow stronger, and at the same time reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, affecting human health.

Risk of infection

Avoid the risk of infection because the Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier system is designed to be completely closed, without contact with the outside environment. Therefore, it is difficult for bacteria to enter the water. Moreover, the KAQ-U95 water purifier is equipped with a Nano silver filter that can prevent reinfection thoroughly.

There is a high rate of re-infection because the longer the water is left in the air, the more it can become contaminated. Water contains many microorganisms and eggs of parasites. Boiling water will destroy them completely, and at the same time, they will be decomposed into organic matter, which is an abundant food source for microorganisms outside the environment. Therefore, only boiled water should be used within 24 hours.

4. The smart features that make the Karofi KAQ-U95 water filter stand out as the leading of smart water purifier 

Understanding the needs of every household, Karofi's experts constantly innovate and update new technologies to support and meet every customer's desire. The Karofi KAQ-U95 water filter integrates a smart electronic system that brings many great utilities, meeting all users' water needs. When choosing the Karofi KAQ-U95 water filter, users will own the following conveniences.

4.1 Displaying the cleanliness level of water

Displaying the cleanliness level of water

The quality of input water is always a matter of concern to consumers. So, instead of worrying about whether the water your family uses is clean or not, or whether the quality is guaranteed for long-term use, now you just need to monitor the screen showing the level of clean water. to know the status of your water source.

If the index increases or decreases abnormally, users can also easily observe to find the most suitable solution. This minimizes the addition of too much water with unsatisfactory indicators that can affect health when used.

One of the factors that make buyers hesitant when buying a machine is not knowing when to replace the filter element, forgetting to change it can make the water source easy to get contaminated, the filter is clogged leading to damage to the machine.

Therefore, to overcome these problems, the Karofi KAQ-U95 product has integrated a button that automatically informs the user when it is time to replace the filter element to ensure the best conditions for the machine to operate stably.

4.2 Warning of weak water supply

In addition to the two factors mentioned above, uneven input water quantity can also affect the quality of the water source and the lifespan of the equipment.

The intelligent warning feature will notify you of a weak water supply through a button and an alarm sound. You can easily intervene and provide sufficient water to help the machine operate most effectively.

4.3 The filtering capacity provides 20L/H

With a system of 10 filters, the product is known as the king of water purifiers without a cabinet. In addition, the filtration system applies advanced Smax technology with innovative filter elements. Thus, purified water after filtration provides users with up to 20L of purified water in 1 hour.

4.4 Compact design

The great advantage of this machine is its extremely compact design, and soft lines, creating a breakthrough and leaving a special impression on users.

Compact design

With dimensions of 290 x 304 x 436 mm (width x depth x height), weight: 9.7 kg, users can place the device in any position conveniently. From the kitchen, under the sink to the cupboard.

The smart features that come with this smart water purifier give users maximum peace of mind. In addition, you can control the operating status of the water purifier through the Karofi application on your smartphone, even when you are not at home. Spaces are the most concerned of customers when they buy a smart water purifier system, they will consider whether ot not the machine can fit into their undersink or home ground spaces, Karofi KAQ-U95 will be their best choice. 

If you're looking to purchase a genuine and affordable Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier, please contact Whatsapp: +84837748966 or visit the website for detailed advice and support. https://karofiglobal.com/en

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