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Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Up to 8-stage filtration with an Alkaline filter
  • Optional pressure storage tank (3.2G/4G) or inner storage tank
  • Compact design with 240x430x410mm
Dimensions 240x430x410mm
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power consumption 30W
Weight 11.3 Kg
Filter system up to 8-stage filtration with Alkaline filter
Nominal capacity 8L
Real water capacity 4.5L
Placement On The Kitchen Table, In The Kitchen Cabinet

Korean high-standard core system

- Standard 6-stage filtration system - imported from Korea, is cast monolithic, pressed carefully to help create a clean filtered water source, absolutely sterile, completely guaranteed for direct use. 

- 02 Sediment Cores: Removes dirt, rust, rodents, and algae with a size larger than 1µm 02 Pre-carbon Core: Eliminate odors, organic compounds, arsenic, chlorine residues 

- RO membrane: Removes heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, arsenic, arsenic, pesticides, and harmful chemicals. 

- Post carbon core: Absorbs color, and odor, balances pH, increases freshness of water. 

- Alkaline core: Works to adjust the pH in water. 

- Nano Silver Core: Kills bacteria, and adsorbs color, and smell. Keep the water pure.

The faucet is made of 304 stainless steel

Ensure to meet the standards of the Ministry of Health, safe for health, and durable to use.

Compact design

The machine is suitable for all spaces in your home.

Dimensions: 240mm x 430mm x 410mm.

Nominal capacity: 8L.

Real water capacity: ~ 4.5L.

Product weight: ~ 11.3 kg.

Korean standard design - Delicate and luxurious

Karofi high-end RO water purifier is delicately designed in every line, according to Korean design standards, to help highlight the beauty of your home

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