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Important reasons for using household water purifiers include ensuring that the water your family drinks and uses for cooking is safe and clean. Consequences of consuming ...


Despite nearly 100% of the population in Saudi Arabia having access to drinking water, the country remains one of the most water-scarce nations in the world today. ...


Groundwater is the main source of water resources in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the quality of groundwater in Saudi Arabia is of utmost concern to many residents here. ...


Water purifiers have become familiar and appear in daily life for every family nowadays. However, not everyone understands the product well and there are also many ...


In the era of the current technological boom, the issue of how water in a particular area is polluted, to what extent, the cause of pollution, or its consequences are ...


Many people have heard that water produced by alkaline ionization machines can help detoxify alcohol very effectively. So what's the truth behind this story? Does ...

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