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What is TDS? Is a high TDS level dangerous? In this article, let's learn about the TDS index for drinking water and its impact on your health. 1. Overview of TDS 1.1 What ...


In the water filtration industry, Maifan stone is known as one of the types of mineral rocks that contains many beneficial minerals for human health and helps to provide ...


After passing through the RO water filtration system, in addition to the pure drinking water, there is also a portion of water that cannot pass through the RO membrane, ...


A weak water filter can directly affect the use of pure water in your household, so what causes the water filter to run weak , and what is the solution? Let's explore the ...


Life is increasingly developing, so the demand for health and safety protection for family members is increasing, making household water filtration systems more popular ...


The trend of technology is constantly changing and updating every day, every hour to bring the most convenient solutions for human life. Recently, the leading water ...

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