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What is Artesian water and is it safe to drink


Currently, in the Saudi Arabia market, there are many types of bottled water made from Artesian water. So what is Artesian water, and is it safe to drink? Let's clarify this issue with Karofi in the following article.

What is Artesian water?

Artesian water is a type of water that originates from a well. However, unlike other well water types, Artesian water doesn't require a pump to draw water from the ground as it naturally flows to the surface under its own pressure.

What is Artesian water?

Before being sold in stores, Artesian water is filtered and settled to remove impurities such as dirt, sand, debris, and other suspended particles. Then, the water filtration process is completed by passing it through UV light to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful microorganisms.

Is Artesian water safe to drink?

Artesian water brands often claim that it is naturally filtered as it moves through porous layers under high pressure. Some even argue that the "natural filtration process" removes most contaminants from the water while providing beneficial minerals from the soil that contribute to its sweetness.

However, scientific studies have refuted these claims, stating that they are inaccurate, and asserting that Artesian water has similar chemical and physical composition to regular groundwater.

Therefore, it can also be contaminated, containing bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, or hazardous chemicals. All of these can lead to illnesses, pose a danger to human health, and this means that Artesian water also faces similar risks.

Alternative solutions to Artesian water in Saudi Arabia

Thanks to science, we now know that spring water is no cleaner or safer than conventional well water, despite the opposition claims from bottled water brands. Furthermore, with Artesian water sources increasingly depleting, finding an alternative solution is urgent in Saudi Arabia.

We recommend considering the installation of one of our highly effective and reasonably priced water filtration systems to ensure that your water is purified using proven RO (reverse osmosis) methods that can completely remove harmful contaminants, from viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals to toxic chemicals in water, making it safe to drink and use for humans.

The latest water filtration products from Karofi

Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier is an efficient and convenient solution to ensure the quality of drinking water at home. With advanced technology, this device provides safety and cleanliness for the water you use on a daily basis.

Compact design - optimize your kitchen space

Compact design - optimize your kitchen space

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier is a perfect solution for improving the quality of drinking water at home. With its compact design, it optimizes every kitchen space without causing obstruction or compromising the overall beauty of the placement. This is particularly important in kitchens with limited area.

AioTec technology

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier brings a completely new experience with advanced AioTec technology. Equipped with smart features, this water purifier not only ensures excellent water quality but also helps you efficiently manage and maintain the machine.

With the machine's status management feature, Karofi KAQ-U95 automatically checks and monitors operational parameters to ensure stable performance. You can have peace of mind about the condition and operational efficiency of the water purifier.

AioTec technology

The AIOTEC technology also helps the Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier notify and timely remind you to replace the filter. You won't miss important maintenance and servicing schedules, ensuring that the machine always operates at its maximum performance.

Moreover, the Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier clearly displays the water's cleanliness level. You can easily check and evaluate the effectiveness of the water filter machine, thereby making accurate and timely decisions.

With such intelligent and advanced features, the Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier is a perfect solution to ensure clean and safe drinking water for your family. Equip yourself with the Karofi KAQ-U95 and enjoy the benefits of AIOTEC technology in your daily life.

Karofi KAD-N69 Hot and Cold Water Purifier

3 in 1 - Serving the needs of the whole family

The Karofi KAD-N69 hot and cold water purifier is a breakthrough product in modern water filtration technology. With the ability to integrate 3 water modes in one machine, it not only meets the demand for hot and cold water but also provides clean and pure RO water.

3 in 1 - Serving the needs of the whole family

The hot water mode of the Karofi KAD-N69 water purifier brings convenience for instant hot water use, from brewing tea, coffee to boiling water for cooking.

The cold water mode of the Karofi KAD-N69 provides cool and refreshing water to quench thirst during hot days in Saudi Arabia. You can enjoy cold water immediately without waiting.

With the RO filtration mode, the Karofi KAD-N69 hot and cold water purifier ensures the removal of most impurities, bacteria, and harmful compounds from the water source.

Exclusive 10 stage SMAX PRO filtration system

Exclusive 10 stage SMAX PRO filtration system

The KAD-N69 hot and cold water purifier owns a powerful 10 stage filtration system that delivers outstanding high performance: double the capacity, double the lifespan. In particular, the application of SMAX Pro technology in the 3 pre-filters triples the water contact area, doubles the filtration efficiency, and enhances the ability to remove impurities and sediment. The functional filter doubles the amount of Hydrogen with the Hydrogen Plus filter and combines with 3 filters: Orp Alkaline, Tourmaline, Hydrogen Plus, for water with optimal Hydrogen, pH, and Orp levels for health benefits.

With its attractive design, convenience, and the ability to integrate 3 water modes in one machine, the Karofi KAD-N69 hot and cold water purifier is a perfect solution for providing clean water with diverse minerals for your family.

If you are seeking a reliable and convenient solution for your water needs at home or in your office, please contact us via WhatsApp at +84837748966 or visit our website Karofiglobal.com/en for direct consultation.

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