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Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Preventing re-infection when water circulates in the filtration system.
Material: Nanosilver and natural mineral
Service life: 12 months (10.000l)
Pressure when using: 5 bar
Maximum flow: 100 l/h
Origin: Vietnam

Among the most modern bactericidal solutions for water used by most advanced countries in the world, Nano silver is a filtration technology that is rated to have antibacterial ability up to 99.99%. In Vietnam, Karofi is the only unit that has successfully applied this technology to successfully produce Nano silver filter cartridges under the strict censorship of the Institute of Biotechnology and Food Technology, in order to bring a superior product and ensure excellent safety. for consumer health.

Nano silver filter cartridges

The advantages of Nano silver filter

Nano technology in water purifiers is capable of breaking down silver down to a few nanometers in size. When silver nanoparticles are coated on the surface of any material, the surface area of ​​silver increases millions of times compared to ordinary silver foil, and the antibacterial ability is also greatly increased, shortening the processing time. 

Bacteria killing time down on contact

Nano silver destroys harmful bacteria according to the principle of directly enclosing the cell of bacteria and breaking the cell structure, thereby, inactivating their growth. 

The advantages of Nano silver filter


Nano Silver - Disinfection by contact

Through the Karofi Nano Silver filter, harmful bacteria infecting the water cause cholera, typhoid, polio, or microorganisms that cause intestinal diseases, acute diarrhea such as Coliform, E.coli, Streptococci fecal, pus bacilli, and pus bacilli. Green as well as spores of anaerobic Sulfide bacteria… are almost completely destroyed. In the static state, the bactericidal rate reaches 99.99% and in the dynamic state (ie in the condition of continuous water flow) the bactericidal rate reaches 99.95%.

Nano silver technology improves filtration efficiency for water purifiers

Installed at the last position in the Karofi water filtration system, the Nano Silver filter element has the function of preventing the risk of re-infection during the water circulation in the filter system, and at the same time, adding micro-minerals and electrolytes. The solution is useful for filtered water thanks to the high-grade natural stone mineral composition in the core, helping to bring safe and full of minerals to the user.

Besides, as the first water purifier brand in Vietnam to successfully produce Nano Silver filter core, Karofi has overcome the worrying problem of consumers about the origin of the product when present. 

Nano Silver technology developed by Karofi Vietnam

Nano Silver technology developed by Karofi Vietnam

Currently, most other water purifier companies have to import and buy Nano Silver filter cores from units that have not been tested by the authorities in the market. In order to avoid buying fakes, imitations of poor quality, on each Karofi Nano Silver filter core, there is a Karofi logo with the words "Smart water purifier", a sharp 7-color metal stamp and a QR code to help customers Customers can confidently and proactively recognize genuine goods.

With Nano silver filter core, Karofi wishes to bring consumers a product of the best quality, contributing to reducing the risk of diseases from water sources, leading to a healthier and more beautiful life.

Karofi products using Nano silver filter

Pioneer in the development of exclusive Nano water purification technology in Vietnam. Currently, Karofi has applied Nano filter technology to all filter models from 7 levels and above with Nano Silver filter core.

In particular, the Nano Silver filter is integrated with the 6 block filter to improve the effectiveness of bactericidal protection for users

Current models using 6-block filter cores include: U05, U10, U65 - Models with cabinets, Models with built-in hot and cold

If you are looking for the best Nano silver filter cartridge, please contact Karofi for advice

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