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Recently, water filters have become an essential product and the water filter cartridge is the most important component of every water filtration systems. Though there are many different water filter brands on the market, the water cartridges filter of these products share similarities in their mission of ensuring the quality of the output water. However, after a long period of use, the filter cartridge needs to be replaced to ensure the efficient operation of the water filtration system and to guarantee that the output water source is pure and safe for use.

1. Importance of the Water Filter cartridges

The water filter system is considered the heart of every water filtration system, determining the quality of the output water. Karofi water filtration systems typically have 4-10 filter cartridges, each with a separate role. The first four filters, especially the RO membrane, are present in all water filter machines. After passing through the water filtration system, the water will have a clean, pure quality, free from harmful substances, and safe to use.

Importance of the Water Filter Cartridge

1.1 Reasons to Regularly Replace Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are responsible for removing dirt and harmful substances from the input water source and producing purified water. Regularly replacing filter cartridges aims to improve the quality of filtered water for users and maintain the durability of the water filtration system. Large impurities and dirt can be trapped in the filter membrane, while pollutants and harmful substances can build up on the surface of the membrane. After a long period of use, the surface becomes clogged and can no longer effectively trap impurities. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the filter cartridge to ensure the quality of the output water.

1.2 Consequences of Not Replacing Water Filter Cartridges

If water filter cartridges are not replaced for a long time, they may cause blockages, water flow interruption, increased waste water, decreased output of purified water, or even equipment failure. At this point, the cost of repairing and maintaining the water filtration system will be much higher than regularly replacing the water filter cartridge.

1.3 When to Replace Water Filter Cartridges

When to Replace Water Filter Cartridges

Different products have different water filtration cycles. The time required to replace the water filter cartridge will vary depending on the water filtration capacity and quality of the input water source. Following the manufacturer's recommendations is the best way to maximize the effectiveness of the filter cartridges and increase their lifespan. Some modern water filtration systems are equipped with smart technology that can alert users when it's time to replace the water filter cartridge, calculating the replacement time based on real-time operation and sending a notification when necessary.

2. Official list and lifetime of Karofi water filter cartridges

Filter cartridge name

Standard replacement time

Filter no.1 - PP 5 micron 

3-6 months

Filter no.2 - CTO - GAC 

6-9 months

Filter no.3 - PP 1 micron 

6-9 months

MINERAL filter

12 months

T33-GAC activated carbon filter

12 months

Filter no.1 - SMAX DUO 1

12 months

Filter no.1 - SMAX DUO 1 - Double protection DUO PRO

12 months


12 months

Filter no.3 - SMAX DUO 3

12 months

Filter no.3 - SMAX DUO 3 - POST CARBON

12 months

Karofi Tourmaline Filter

12 months

Karofi water filter set

12 months

ORP Alkaline filter

12 months

Far Infrared filter

24 months

Karofi Nano silver filter

12-18 months

RO membrane

18-24 months

UV sterilization lamp

8000 hours

HP 6.1 high-performance Smax filter set

12 months

HP 6.2 high-performance Smax filter set

12 months

When purchasing and replacing Karofi water filter cartridges, it is important for customers to select the appropriate type and buy genuine products to ensure the quality of the filtered water and proper operation of the filtering system. Although the cartridges may have similar size and shape, their quality and functionality can vary, so users must choose and replace the correct cartridge carefully.

3. Here are some key points to consider when replacing water filter cartridges

Different cartridges have varying expiration dates, so it is crucial to replace them once they have exceeded their usage time to avoid waste. If you have trouble remembering when to replace the cartridge, it's recommended to mark the usage time on each cartridge for easier tracking. Additionally, different brands have unique usage and replacement times, so customers should be aware of the correct replacement schedule.

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