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Karofi Smax Pro 2 Filter

Product Features

Product Specifications

1. Smax Pro 2 Filter Cartridge Overview

Researched and manufactured on modern lines, undergoing high-temperature heating and applying the new Smax Pro technology, the Smax Pro 2 filter cartridge offers outstanding filtration efficiency.

Smax Pro 2 Filter Cartridge Overview

1.1 Smax Pro Technology

The special feature of Smax Pro technology comes from the structure of 2 combined functions: The outside is a microfiltration membrane consisting of small-sized linked microfiber chains combined with activated carbon inside.

1.2 Benefits of layers

Specifically, the microfiltration membrane in the outer layer helps to remove impurities, dirt, algae, etc. Inside is activated carbon to help improve the dual treatment of organic substances, odorants, colorants. The smell of chlorine is present in daily water. With this outstanding features, the SMAX Pro 2 is ideal to replace traditional GAC filter in reverse osmosis system. It can help consumers to save money and improve pre-filtration. Thus protecting RO membrane better.

Benefits of layers

Smax Pro 2 filter cartridge not only doubles the efficiency of water filtration, but also doubles the life in compared to a conventional filter.



The KAROFI KAQ-U16 is at the forefront of utilizing automatic RO membrane cleaning technology, which is considered the essential component of every water purifier. This self-cleaning process commences for the first 15 seconds before the filtration process, ensuring that the RO membrane maintains optimal performance and a longer lifespan. Moreover, the KAROFI KAQ-U16's compact design and high capacity make it ideal for small spaces and easy installation.

Smax pro technology

Equipped with a powerful 10-core SMAX filter system, the KAROFI KAQ-U16 multiplies capacity and doubles the lifespan. Its Cluster Smax Duo removes microscopic particles, impurities, and organic substances that cause unpleasant odors in water, while the American standard RO core eliminates up to 99% of heavy metal ions, amoeba, arsenic, bacteria, and other harmful substances, delivering absolutely clean water. The Smax Nano cluster recreates a pure water source, balances pH, and enriches the water with healthy minerals like potassium, sodium, and hydrogen, providing a naturally sweet taste.

2.2 KAD-I55

Introducing the KAD-I55, a cutting-edge water purifier that revolutionizes hot and cold water dispensing. This innovative appliance offers unparalleled convenience and energy efficiency, boasting a lightning-fast cooling speed that is up to 70% faster than traditional purifiers.

Equipped with two independent faucets and three versatile water modes, the KAD-I55 is designed to meet the diverse drinking needs of any household. Users can enjoy piping hot water up to 95 degrees Celsius for cooking or making hot beverages, refreshing cold water for quenching thirst, and pure water infused with healthy minerals.

One of the most impressive features of the KAD-I55 is its advanced SMAX cooler technology, which enables it to cool water three times faster than conventional systems. With just 10 minutes of cooling time, users can enjoy perfectly chilled water at a stable temperature. What's more, the KAD-I55 is incredibly energy efficient, operating at up to 40% less power than other water purifiers on the market.

With its intelligent temperature control system and electronic sensors, the KAD-I55 offers precise and reliable performance, making it the perfect choice for any home. Upgrade your water dispensing experience with the KAD-I55 and enjoy the ultimate in convenience, efficiency, and performance.

2.3 KAD-N69

The Karofi KAD-N69 water purifier has an innovative design with a glass cabinet and improved features that offer users a new experience. This water purifier has three modes - hot, cold, and ambient - with double capacity, Smax Pro technology, anti-overflow sensor technology, and a backup power option. These features provide significant advantages that will satisfy users.

The KAD-N69 water purifier can quickly and conveniently serve the whole family with its three water modes. Whether you need cooling water, hot water for coffee, or pure water for your baby, this water purifier can meet your needs.

The KAD-N69 water purifier has a 10-filter system with exclusive Smax Pro technology, offering high performance with double capacity and double usage time. This filter system has three pre-filters with triple contact area and double filtration efficiency that removes impurities and decomposes contaminants. The advanced functional filter system also includes Hydrogen Plus core and a combination of three Orp Alkaline, Tourmaline, Hydrogen Plus cores for optimal water quality for health.

With Aiotech technology, users can control water quality from anywhere using the Karofi 365 App on their smartphones. This feature is useful for modern families who want to monitor water quality, filter replacement time, machine condition, activation warranty, and contact customer care quickly.

Enhanced by SMAX PRO 2, Karofi water filter machines gradually become reliable choices of many families over the world.

If you're looking to purchase a genuine and affordable Karofi Smax PRO 2 filter, please contact Whatsapp: +84837748966 or visit the website for detailed advice and support: https://karofiglobal.com/en

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