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Far infrared filter

Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Qualified Material
  • Quality Production

Advantages of Far infrared filter element

The Far Infrared Filter Cartridge contains ceramic ball particles, capable of absorbing external heat energy to emit far infrared rays to help water pass through the activated filter core, breaking down groups of water molecules to more easily be absorbed by the body.

Qualified Material

Karofi's infrared filter element is made from Biocera ceramic, imported directly from Korea, bringing original quality and safety for use.

Advantages of Far infrared filter element


Quality Production

After being imported, the source of raw materials will be strictly tested before entering the modern production line, which meets the ISO 9001: 2015 standard of Karofi. The output product continues to go through the QC process, ensuring the lowest possible error rate. With modern technological process and strict inspection, Karofi's products all meet high standards, as evidenced by QCVN standards for direct drinking water.

Karofi products enhanced by far infrared filters


U05 undersink water purifier is the latest member of the Karofi family with an extremely compact design. The volume of the machine is up to 30% smaller than traditional undersink water purifiers. Equipped with SMAX filter cartridges as well as many other functional filters such as: Far Infrared, Hydrogen, ... and American technology membrane, U05 offers outstanding filtering ability. The output water not only ensures the standard of direct drinking but is also supplemented with many necessary nutrients and minerals for the body.

HP Combo Block Set

HP Combo Block Set


HP Block is the latest product from Karofi. By combining 6 functional filter elements into a single design, the HP core set converges many advantages of other filter elements: infrared core, hydrogen, activated carbon, etc. The output water after passing through the core set. will ensure purity, as well as add more minerals and better activate the absorption process of the body.


L56 is one of Karofi's best-selling models in 2022. This is a powerful cabinet water purifier with the ability to filter out 99% of impurities in the water thanks to the American technology RO membrane. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a modern and convenient overflow design, as well as the ability to provide unlimited hot and cold water. L56 is an all-in-one water purifier, suitable for everyone, helping to meet the most demanding requirements.

With many proven advantages and quality, Karofi infrared filters bring many outstanding benefits to your life and health. Please use Karofi water purifier products with infrared filter core to enjoy today.

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