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Karofi Smax Pro 1 Pre-Filter

Product Features

Product Specifications

Overview of Smax pro 1 Filter

Researched and manufactured on modern lines, undergoing high-temperature heating and applying the new Smax Pro technology, the Smax Pro 1 filter cartridge offers enhanced filtration efficiency.


Smax Pro Technology

The special feature of Smax Pro technology comes from the structure of 3 layers of multi-point multi-link microfibre filters of only 5 microns and arranged in the form of a smart fan folding structure.


X3 Filtration surface area

Thanks to the optimized design, the area in contact with water is increased by 3 times compared to the conventional one, helping to filter faster, reducing the risk of core clogging.


X2 filtration efficiency

Smax Pro 1 filter cartridge helps to remove all kinds of scum, grit, mud, algae, solids, ... with 2 times the filtration efficiency and up to 12 months of use - twice the life with a regular filter.


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