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“Park” in technology factory


Who says a "technological" factory can't be "poetic"? Watching the factory of Karofi - the largest water purifier factory in Southeast Asia in the flowering season - you will have a different view of this place. 

Is a specialized enterprise in the field of Water and Air filtration. The consistent mission that Karofi is pursuing is "Protect and enhance the health and quality of people in the water and air environment on this beautiful green planet". Therefore, we pay special attention to establishing a sustainable development foundation in which environmental factors. 

Not only concrete, iron, steel, plastic materials... but also green shade trees 

Nearly 40,000m2 of factory space, in addition to the factory area, warehouse, auxiliary areas, operating room, product research and development room, training area, canteen, canteen, sports... the rest. is a space covered with green shade of trees all year round. It not only brings a feeling of comfort, but also balances the whole ecosystem here. 


Not only has a team of experts, researchers, production workers... but Karofi has a team of skillful workers taking care of each flower and blade of grass.

With more than 1000 maintenance employees, this is the cradle of research and development of advanced technologies leading the water purification market. This is also the place where high-quality water purifier products are manufactured, exported to more than 35 countries around the world, and supplied to more than 2,000,000 domestic households…

However, in parallel with investing in a team of experts, researchers and production workers... the factory also invests in expenses for staff to take care of trees and design landscapes to inspire and enhance work productivity. 


In addition, in order to spread the spirit of protecting the environment and nurturing nature, Karofi also organizes a tree planting festival every year for employees. This is also an opportunity for each member to relieve stress at work. This "giant" flower garden is also partly built from their own hands. 

All kinds of flowers bloom together when summer comes


Not only the hustle and bustle of the engine running, the busy traffic going back and forth... But also a moment of peace and quiet. 

With a capacity of 4,000,000 finished products/year. The flow of operation is continuous day and night. Factories, warehouses and vehicles are busy every day. However, with a nature-friendly design, blending with plants and flowers, it reduces noise and balances the atmosphere here. Reduce the risk of environmental pollution, improve the quality of life. 


And sometimes employees inside the factory also enjoy moments of silence, innocence and release their souls on colorful streets... 


Karofi is a brand specialized in water purifiers in Vietnam. In 2021, Karofi was voted as the number 1 water purifier brand in the market and most loved (according to a report by the global Techsci organization). 

With the mission of Protecting, enhancing the health and quality of people in the water and air environment on the beautiful green planet. Karofi aims to become the top 3 corporation in the world in the field of water & air based on 3 core values: Daily Innovation, Commitment to Excellence and Customer Orientation.

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