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Building a Culture of Innovation in Karofi


Innovation is always what Karofi's leaders want to build.

Firstly, innovation will help Karofi make breakthroughs thanks to unique products that meet the needs of customers.

Secondly, innovation will always keep employees motivated to work and stimulate them to bring out their full potential.

Moreover, continuous innovation will create a great competitive advantage in today's increasingly fierce capital market.

To build a culture of innovation, Karofi's leadership relies on 7 elements drawn from Professor Teresa Amabile:

  • Set clear goals: A clear and tangible goal that can be measured so that each employee understands what they have to achieve and to achieve they will need to be proactive, innovative and creative. how to create.
  • Assign tasks that match individual abilities and are challenging: When people find their work meaningful, they will also be motivated to work. According to the law of necessity, when difficulties and challenges come, people will promote all their qualities and shine with their personal capacity. It may not be possible to meet 100% of the goals set by the Leadership, but meeting 80% has also brought efficiency to the organization.
  • Promote communication of the entire organization: Communication is the key to unlocking breakthrough ideas, and only communication makes people more cohesive.
  • Constantly Constructive Feedback: The innovation process is a process that comes from a series of small observations, a recombination of ideas, and small experiments. Therefore, management levels need to observe and give positive feedback and suggestions to employees' creative ideas.
  • Recognition and reward: To build a culture of Innovation, Karofi leadership has created a creative environment with rewards for bold and actionable ideas.
  • Reorganize the cumbersome apparatus: Accepting creative ideas is taking risks, but streamlining unnecessary apparatus, policies, or procedures is necessary so that they do not negatively affect creativity. created by employees.
  • Encourage collaboration and support: Strength does not only come from individuals but from departments and divisions. Collaboration and mutual support will help new projects be more efficient and have a higher success rate.









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