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Culture of Innovation – Results oriented


At Karofi, Innovation Culture is simply understood as an organization that truly values, supports and allows every employee to innovate and create without any hindrance. On the other hand, Karofi also fosters the belief that not only Leaders but anyone in the organization can innovate; foster a spirit of willingness to change rapidly rather than maintain the status quo to increase competitive opportunities; nurture Leaders who encourage new thinking, somewhat different from traditional rules and nurture employees who are passionate about exploring, thinking "out of the box" to create products and initiatives. new.

As a result, since 2017, Karofi has implemented the Innogen project and obtained thousands of new ideas every year. The Innogen project not only encourages employees of the Group to come up with new solutions to increase business efficiency, reduce production costs, or simply save time and still achieve productivity. good move,…

In 2020, with the motto "Nurture" the spirit of innovation; not afraid of failure from the Board of Directors to each employee, so despite the raging Covid-19 epidemic, the Innogen Project still achieved results:

7498 New ideas across the Group

1908 Ideas implemented to the end

1037 billion dong was brought back


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