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Trends in choosing water filters for health


Let's explore the various types of water filters in recent years. As the quality of life has improved, the discharge of household and industrial waste into the environment has caused water pollution. In order to have clean and pure water for daily use at home, people have to either find a new unpolluted water source or use water filters to remove pollutants from the water.

It is clear that water and health are two hot topics in society today. Especially with the widespread use of tap water, even a small piece of information such as a leaking water pipe receives attention and monitoring from the public.

Contaminated tap water

Contaminated tap water

The main source of household water for people today is treated tap water through the industrial water filtration system. However, despite the treatment process at water plants, the transportation of water through broken pipes can result in the reverse infiltration of harmful chemicals, including substances like arsenic, iron, and other metals that affect health. Therefore, manufacturers have introduced various types of water filters to meet the needs of consumers.

However, in some areas where water pollution is high, appropriate filtration technology is required. Reverse osmosis (RO) technology is the suitable filtration method in such cases. Therefore, to ensure the use of water in households, most people choose to use a device that is suitable and compatible with the water source. Notably, advanced RO technology-based machines originating from the United States are highly prominent.

Advanced RO filtration technology

Advanced RO filtration technology

This technology operates on the principle that tap water passes through three coarse filters that completely remove impurities and organic matter. After passing through the RO membrane with extremely small pore sizes, it produces pure water that is safe for consumption. Additionally, certain models, such as those from Karofi, also include additional functional filters to balance pH, increase oxygen content, and supplement essential minerals for the human body in the water.

In reality, in urban areas where tap water is predominantly used, the current tap water used by households is not necessarily clean and pure. According to experts from Karofi, families should use water filters, especially considering the current water situation and the specific weather and climate conditions in Vietnam.

Choosing water filters for the health of oneself and family members

Whether you live in urban or rural areas, using water for daily activities from rivers or water treatment plants requires regular monitoring of the water quality your family is using. It is advisable to have water testing done at least once a year at preventive healthcare centers in the city or province, scientific institutes, or at the General Department of Quality Measurement.

Therefore, to prevent the dangers caused by contaminated water sources, people should choose water treatment devices that apply advanced RO filtration technology. This not only protects one's own health but also safeguards the health of the entire family and the community. Each family should have the consciousness to protect themselves by using clean and high-quality water

Karofi, a leading Vietnamese water filtration brand, takes pride in its advancements and research in cutting-edge water filtration technologies.

Karofi KAD-L56 Hot and Cold Water Purifier

For the first time, the new-generation Smax water tank is incorporated into the Karofi KAD-L56 hot and cold water purifier.

The Smax water tank is an advanced product with remarkable features. Firstly, its cooling speed is astonishing, increasing up to 70%. This means you can have refreshing cold water instantly with just a twist of a knob. No more waiting, you can enjoy a cool glass of water right away after a long day of work or during hot summer days.

The Smax water tank not only cools quickly but also maintains long-lasting deep coldness. This meets the demand for cold water from multiple family members. You don't have to worry about the water in the tank quickly losing its coldness when used by many people, as you can continue to enjoy its refreshing coolness throughout the day.

Another advantage of the Smax water tank is that it is made of premium materials. The product is certified as health-friendly, ensuring that there are no harmful or toxic substances for the users. This guarantees safety and peace of mind when using the product in your household.

In addition, the KAD-L56 is equipped with features such as multi-layer thermal insulation technology and a high-end anti-dry hot tank system.

Through this article, you have gained certain knowledge about water issues in Saudi Arabia. If you are interested in our products, please contact us via WhatsApp +84 or visit our website: Karofiglobal.com/en for free and fast consultation.

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