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Product Features

Product Specifications

  • Removing most bacteria, amoebas, arsenic, metal ions and impurities in water.
Material: TFC-Thin Film Composite
Service life: 18-24 months (65.000l)
Pressure when using: 10 bar
Maximum flow: 10l/h
Origin: USA

The Karofi water purifier provides you with pure water based on the operation of each filter cartridge with its own specific functions. Among the water filter cartridges in the Karofi system, the Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane is considered the heart of the water purifier.

USA RO membrane


Let's refer to the latest information in the following article by Karofi to better understand the Karofi RO membrane and how to easily replace the filter at your home.

1. Technical specifications of the Karofi water purifier's RO membrane

Product name

Karofi RO membrane 



Installation position

Number 4

Size (width x height) 

55 x 300 mm


TFC – Thin Film Composite


Removes bacteria, viruses, and metal ions

Max flow

10 L/H

Usage pressure

10 bar

Usage time

18-24 months (65.000 L)

2. Karofi Reverse Osmosis membrane - the heart of the water purifier.

Karofi water purifier works mainly on RO membrane, this filter is often likened to the heart of the machine. It holds the most important position in the filtration system and is imported from America. This advanced filtration technology is designed to remove impurities from the water, such as harmful bacteria and metal ions, ensuring the water is safe and pure to use. The water source generated by the Karofi water purifier meets the QCVN 6-1:2010/MOH standard of the Ministry of Health for direct drinking water. 

Karofi Reverse Osmosis membrane - the heart of the water purifier.

Made of high quality TFC - Thin Film Composite material, Karofi RO water filter has high filtration efficiency, maximum water flow of 10 liters/hour and high operating pressure resistance up to 10 bar. It is essential to replace the RO membrane at the end of its life to maintain the quality of the filtered water. Without the RO membrane, the Karofi water purifier will not be able to operate at its optimum level, becoming an indispensable part for those who are looking for safe, pure and high quality drinking water.

For treated water, after filtering about 43,700-65,500 liters, the RO membrane should be replaced after 18-24 months. When using water directly from boreholes, ponds, rivers and streams with high limestone content, the necessary time to replace the RO membrane  is from 15-17 months.

3. How to replace Karofi RO membarane

With a simple design, you can completely replace the RO membrane at home with the following steps:

Step 1: Lock the water supply and unplug the power supply

Step 2: You notice the horizontal function boxes and the largest is the RO membrane with 1 connector with 1 RO wire and 1 connector with 2 RO wires

Step 3: Use your hand to twist the inlet of the right membrane cup, specifically turn counterclockwise to remove the water wire to the RO membrane

How to replace Karofi RO membarane

Step 4: Use pliers or hands to remove the RO membrane from the membrane cup

Step 5: Peel off the outer layer of plastic covering the RO membrane. Use gloves or nylon to hold the filter during installation to ensure hygiene. Then, use pure water to permeate the filter membrane to make the membrane expand evenly.

Step 6: Dip the black gasket in water to ensure that the film does not roll up when it is inserted into the membrane cup.

Step 7: Insert the filter membrane into the membrane cup, first insert the end with two black gaskets and then press and rotate the filter membrane into the membrane cup so that the gasket does not roll up. Fasten the membrane cup securely, making sure that the edge of the membrane cup and the membrane are sealed together. Note that when replacing the cup gasket, it may slip off along with the cup lid, so you should pay attention to reinstall it correctly because if the cup gasket is missing, the machine will leak water.

Step 8: Connect the water supply hose to the membrane and tighten the screws as tight as possible. The process is complete!

If you need help with the process, contact us for assistance!

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